Attic Mold

Attic mold can be caused by several factors, but no matter how it got there, it needs to be found and addressed fast! Our inspectors use high-tech equipment to locate any infestations and we can perform testing to give you all the information you need to make a decision. Get a free estimate by calling us today!

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Attic Mold Inspection

We have been inspecting attic mold in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and homes for more than 30 years. We have seen it all when it comes to mold in attics, and nothing escapes our mold inspection!

What's got you concerned about the presence of a mold problem in your attic? Did your roof have a leak? Did the pan from your air conditioner spill over? Or perhaps attic bypasses are missing ventilation in spaces, therefore causing excess moisture?

If you've seen or smelt something that resembles mold, don't take chances. Request an inspection to regain your peace of mind. We offer inspections seven days a week, whenever it's convenient for you.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

It might seem obvious - patches on the wall = mold, right?

A lot of the time... yes! But do you know how much mold there is? How much of a risk it is? Does it require professional mold remediation?

You can get these questions answered through a mold inspection and/or test. There are some parameters to be aware of. Certain sizes of colonies (small ones) can be remedied by the homeowner, if you so choose.

But knowing what is there is the first step to getting it handled! If it is a larger problem, or in an inconvenient location (say, your attic, or your crawl space), it's something that will need to be handled by a professional.

Remember- if you've had a runny nose, persistent cough, irritated throat or eyes, or breathing problems... it could be because of toxic mold! Of course, if you are having health problems you should consult your doctor. But don't let the source of the problem go unresolved. We are here to make it easy for you!

If you suspect mold
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RI: (401) 644-3930
MA: (617) 360-1590

We've been inspecting attic mold in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and all nearby areas for over 30 years!


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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Don returned our initial call within 5 minutes. He was able to accommodate a Saturday appointment of us. Highly experienced, polite and answers questions as they came up. Once inspection completed the turn around time to obtain written report was 2 days."

"Don was friendly and explained the process of home inspection. Don was able to inspect our house on a Saturday and had a written report of the inspection ready for us by the following Monday (Memorial Day). My husband and I were treated with respect and would easily hire Bona Fide again."