Crawl Space Mold

Crawl space mold can be hard to spot but very unpleasant to a homeowner. Let our certified mold inspectors help find it so you can get on with it! No matter where the mold is hiding in your home, we will find it during our mold inspection. Reach out now and save $50 on your inspection!

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Bona Fide Home and Mold Inspections, owned by Donny Lambert, has been in business since 1987. We are proud to have been serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island for more than three decades, with great reviews. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously, and strive to exceed your expectations on every inspection!

Crawl Space Mold Inspection

Do you know where your crawl space is? Mold probably does! The space between the ground and the bottom of your home is usually less than a yard high, but acts as a perfect breeding ground for mold. With all that humidity (and unfortunately, the common rot that tends to live there), the crawlspace is an ideal zone for mold colonies.

Growth in this area can be particularly harmful to your structure. Therefore, it is so integral to the home's integrity. The foundation, the plumbing systems, electrical systems and HVAC systems are all right there. If crawlspace mold is growing, you want to get an inspection done quickly to make sure it gets found ASAP!

We offer the most competitive rates in the region and will be happy to help you. Call us anytime, day or night for fast response.

Effects of Mold in the Home

Aside from the health risks associated with the presence of mold, it can damage several aspects of your home! You might notice things like:

  • Wallpaper bubbling
  • Sagging floors
  • Water stains
  • Musty odors
If allowed to persist, the moisture and mold can cause serious problems for your home and your family! We are here to find every last spore and give you everything you need to be informed and find the solution.

As a registered general contractor, you get a lot more knowledge for less when you choose our experts to be your mold inspector. We would love the chance to help your family, along with the thousands of others we have assisted over the years.

We inspect and test for crawl space mold in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and all nearby areas.


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"Don was friendly and explained the process of home inspection. Don was able to inspect our house on a Saturday and had a written report of the inspection ready for us by the following Monday (Memorial Day). My husband and I were treated with respect and would easily hire Bona Fide again."